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Name:just call me L.
Birthdate:Nov 6

adj. - not proceeding from the true or claimed source; not genuine; false.


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"your mom" jokes, ∞→1, absurd hypotheticals, accidentally being scene, animes with swords and crazyass magic, appreciating heechul (& his cat), blow jobs, boys with matching anythings, bright eyes!, couch world, doing my best my work, gay terror, general shamelessness, having a soft spot for dumbasses, impressively excessive emailing, impulsive epic road trips, irrational hatred & rage, joining tenipuri fandom to be cool, kame's ridiculous picture faces, kame/squid, katie's screencaps, key changes of joy, keyboard mashing for self expression, lumos made me a lesbian, not being trustworthy, om nom nom fat!jin, our good friend ryo-chan, pin and akame (and kokame too), princess of the hospital, pvs = porno videos?, ryo-chan's emo jwebs, saeki/hats, secret handshakes ending in handjobs, subaru & yasu have lesbian sex, subverting the hegemony, things katie makes me write, things/yamapi's mouth, writing porn while drunk, yama-pie, yamapi being sullen and seventeen, yoko's doughy physique
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